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Confident & Calm. Support for your birth, newborn feeding & parenting adventure! Learn to uncover your inner wisdom & trust in your ability to birth, feed & nurture yourself and your new baby.

Your Parenting Adventure

Feeding is so much more than the sum of the nutrients, especially for your baby's first food. Nurtured and Nourished ™

Client Stories

A Mother's Journey...

I learned to give myself more grace

by Autumn

What made Janai stand out from others was her personal care and dedication to me.

She helped me become a more confident mother and learned to give myself more grace. I felt heard, care for, and knew I had someone to talk to when things became stressful with trying to feed my newborn. I have full confidence in Janai's ability to help and instruct others. Even when things don't end with the initial result desired, she has a way of making people feel secure and capable. I am so thankful for the time and devotion Janai gave to my husband and me.

We were trying to navigate both being first-time parents and the beginning of this crazy pandemic. Janai was a sounding board, a wealth of knowledge and support system to us both. I will never forget the time she took in answering questions and comforting a very overwhelmed mother.